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Design services

From managing the daily outdoor requirements of commercial property to creating the perfect outdoor space, Planta’s team of landscaping professionals has the capability to offer expertise for every facet of your landscape and maintenance needs.

We provide a complete solution to facilitate the improvement, beautification and protection of commercial property- a crucial component to the future of your business.

Our commercial landscape services, combined with our expertise, let you instantly start realizing your property’s potential through:

Our design team helps enhance your environment with original and creative landscape designs, combining practical and aesthetically pleasing elements throughout your plan. We work with you to develop a Master Plan so you have the ideal landscape and outdoor living strategy but are allowed to develop your property in phases or throughout seasons.

We carefully look at all aspects of your space when designing a plan for you. Mapping out each element of your existing and proposed landscape and outdoor living space allows us to not only accurately plan your design but, it helps you visualize your project. Additionally, we choose a palette of plants, trees and accessories that enhance your property.

Our design services offer several landscape, outdoor living and custom pool design plan formats. 2-D and 3-D design plans are available alongside traditional black/white and color hand-rendered plans. Contact us for a design.

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