Our goal is to transform your landscape dream into reality through creativity, integrity and experience. Whether you desire a full renovation, small enhancements or seasonal color change, Planta Landscaping can turn your landscape into a work of art.

Let our team care for your home through:

  • Landscape Illumination
  • Landscape Installation
  • Landscape Irrigation
  • Landscape Maintenance
  • Seasonal Services
  • Tree Care
  • Water Conservation & Management
  • We believe that your yard and garden should be both beautiful and functional. Whether you have a more intimate space that may benefit from decorative vases and bubbling pots or a larger area that allows landscape centered on the natural features of your property, we work closely with you to optimize your space.
  • To discover endless landscape and outdoor living creations and learn more about plant and tree options for your home, view our photo gallery or Contact us for a free consultation.


Planta landscaping creates lighting schemes that transform your landscape and outdoor living areas. We provide an array of attractive and functional lighting options that will instantly add beauty to your yard, patio or walkway while illuminating the surrounding areas.

Planta Landscaping Illumination services can:

  • Add safety to the exterior of your home
  • Create a gorgeous nighttime landscape
  • Turn your landscape into extra outdoor living space for entertainment

 By placing lighting in the right areas, we help create unique and captivating shadows and imagery that can make your nighttime landscape rival the attractiveness of your daytime one. Our lighting elements and options include:

  • LED Lights
  • Low Voltage Lights
  • Mercury Vapor Lights
  • Path Lights
  • Wash Lights


Our professional and experienced landscpape installation and outdoor living installation teams focus on attention to detail and client satisfaction when installing and maintaining your landscape and outdoor living areas. We properly install your project to preserve the health and longevity of your outdoor areas.

Planta landscaping’s  landscape and outdoor living installation services include:

 Landscape Installation

  1.  Gardens
  2.  Seasonal Color
  3.  Trees
  4.  Illumination
  5.  Irrigation

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