Outdoor living

Outdoor living

Outdoor Living Installation

  •  Custom Stonework & Masonry
  •  Fireplaces & Fire Pits
  •  Gates & Fences
  •  Living Spaces
  •  Outdoor Kitchens

Pools & Water Features

Need professional landscape or outdoor living installation?  Contact Planta Landscaping  today for a free consultation.


Our Certified Irrigation Specialists design and properly install irrigation and drainage systems to keep your landscape looking its best through precise watering methods and advanced irrigation technologies.

Effective irrigation and drainage is essential to securing the investment in your property and we pride ourselves on offering you a complete team of specialized and certified experts who provide:

Irrigation Installation & Modification

  • Irrigation Service & Repair
  • Water Auditing
  • Xeriscaping
  • Back Flow Inspection & Certification
  • Prevention & Erosion Best Practices
  • Removal of Excess Water from Foundations and Structures
  • Water Conservation & Management


We know that maintaining your landscape is a crucial part to preserving its health and attractiveness. With over 100 professionals on the planta landscaping team, our approach landscape maintenance will allow you to enjoy a well-maintained landscape throughout the year.

Our landscape consultants and team make weekly visits, uphold maintenance procedures and give personal attention to your property’s needs with:

  • Pruning and Plant Care
  • Custom Horticulture Programs
  • Complete Fertilization Programs
  • Herbicide and Pesticide Programs
  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Winter Rye
  • Mulching

Planta landscaping’s customized approach to landscape maintenance includes evaluating and addressing the specific needs of your property. We offer scheduled, routine maintenance provided with a qualified and uniformed team.

Contact us today for a free estimate or to begin maintenance services for your home.

Landscape-Seasonal services

Our seasonal services provide you with designers, consultants and maintenance teams that work with you to maintain your landscape’s health and appeal all year long. Through plant and color selection and maintenance, we make caring your landscape enjoyable and effortless.

Let Planta landscaping help you with:

  •   General Cleanups
  •   Seasonal Color
  •   Mulching
  •   Winter Rye

Seasonal services will improve your landscape’s appearance, health and longevity. We make it easy and convenient for you to have a beautiful landscape year-round.

Contact Planta landscaping  and make your landscape the envy of your neighborhood this season.

Landscape-Tree care

Planta landscaping’s tree care services maintain the beauty, vitality and longevity of your landscape’s most valuable assets. We protect the landscape surrounding your home through shrubs and trees creating stronger, healthier and lusher landscapes.  Adequate overall tree care and pruning promote proper air circulation and growth while discouraging insects and diseases to breed upon portions of trees and hedges.

Our certified Arborists ensure that trees are properly planted and well cared for to increase their immediate and long-term health and appearance through:

  • Installation
  • Tree Cabling & Tree Bracing
  • Tree Diagnostics
  • Tree Fertilization & Spraying
  • Insect & Disease Injections
  • Tree Root Flare Work and Air Spading
  • Tree Stump Grinding
  • Tree Trimming & Pruning
  • Ongoing Tree Maintenance

We can help with all of your tree needs. Contact Planta landscaping today to schedule your free consultation or service request.

Outdoor living

Our outdoor living services create distinctive outdoor areas of all sizes and designs to deliver you with a serene and luxurious space to enjoy all year outside of your home. We can complete your outdoor living environment with audio and video entertainment, create a natural extension to your existing architecture and roofline or create a stand-alone structure to relax with friends and family.

Whether you are looking for an outdoor living design, an outdoor structure construction or both, our teams work together to provide:

Construction Services

  • Custom Stonework & Masonry
  • Design Services
  • Gates & Fencing
  • Outdoor Living Spaces
  • Outdoor Kitchens

Contact Planta Landscaping today for a free outdoor living consultation at your home.

Outdoor living-Construction

Planta landscaping’s licensed contractors and hardscape craftsmen construct your outdoor living environment with the highest of standards. Our construction services implement all your exterior structures including additions, pavilions, outdoor kitchens, masonry elements and all specialized paving surfaces. Increase your home’s functionality, living space and value with:

  • Custom Stonework & Masonry
  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Living Spaces
  • Gates and Fencing

We can develop a retreat outside of your home so you can enjoy a complete outdoor oasis.

Contact Planta landscaping for a free consultation on all of your outdoor construction projects.

Outdoor living-Gates & grills

Our gates and fencing provide you with safety from the interruptions of the outside world while adding a decorative element and final touch to your landscape and home. Our team can build a secure environment and enhance your outdoor experience through:

  • Decorative Gates
  • Decorative Fencing
  • Wood Fencing
  • Iron Fencing
  • Screening Elements
Looking for a unique fence and gate or just want to replace your existing fence?  Contact us for a free consultation.

Outdoor living-Outdoor kitchens

Outdoor kitchens are one of the pivotal features of creating a complete outdoor living area. Planat landscaping’s design services andconstruction teams design and build custom-built outdoor kitchens complete with state-of-the-art appliances, electronics, entertainment features and accessories.

Whether you are looking for a few applicances and a grill or a total outdoor kitchen area, our expert consulting, design and production teams can create an amazing atmosphere right outside of your home with:

  • Built-In and Standalone Grills
  • Customized Stone Structures
  • Entertainment Features
  • Fireplaces and Fire Pits
  • Outdoor Accessories
  • Pizza Ovens
  • Refrigerators and Coolers

Outdoor living-Custom stone work & masonry

Custom stonework and masonry from Planta landscaping adds natural beauty to your landscape and outdoor living settings. We offer a wide variety of natural stone selections, giving your landscape a breathtakingly original edge.

Whether you like custom stone edging on your front entry, need a retaining wall or custom stonework in your outdoor kitchen or outdoor living space, our professional teams use the finest materials and craftsmanship.

  • Let Planta Landscaping transform Flagstone Patios and Walkways
  • Stone Columns
  • Retaining Walls
  • Archways
  • Fireplaces & Fire Pits
  • Entries
  • Special Stone Features

Want custom stonework for your home but not sure where to start? Contact Planta Landscaping for a free consultation today.

Outdoor living-Spaces

Planta Landscaping lets you enjoy the outdoor space of your home by designing and building an exceptionally inviting retreat for you. Our outdoor living space constructions extend the use of your home to the outdoors and increase your property value.

Our team of landscape consultants, expert designers, contractors and builders provide you with ideas, recommendations and installation services for:

  • Arbors & Pavilions
  • Cabanas & Climate Controlled Additions & Structures
  • Garages
  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Trellises

Pools & waterfeatures

Planta Landscaping’s custom pool designers and consultants help you develop the ultimate backyard with unique pools and water features that you can enjoy for years to come. Our teams keep up to date on trends and standards of pool design and installation to allow us the expertise needed to construct beautiful swimming pools.

Our team can also help you find outdoor water features to add to existing structure or create dramatic effects and appearances on their own.  Planta Landscaping’s team of professionals can help with:

  • Design
  • Installation & Construction
  • Pool Remodeling
  • Saltwater Conversions
  • Water Features


Contact us for a free pool consultation and explore all of your pool and water feature options.

Water conservation & management

Planta landscaping is a leader in smart water saving practices. Our team allows you to adhere to the best conservation practices while keeping you compliant with water usage regulations in your area. We help clients plant and maintain low water using landscapes and both install and modify irrigation systems that use real-time data and sensors to automatically adjust watering.

In many cases, our water conservation practices and systems allow clients to forgo city mandated water restrictions, allowing them to save not only their landscape but money at the same time.  We can:

  • Make maintaining a healthy lawn and landscape easy and convenient
  • Minimize over watering while keeping lawns, gardens and landscapes beautiful and healthy
  • Save money on water bills
  • Help protect community water supplies for today and the future
  • Audit irrigation systems to make sure water is being using effectively and make necessary adjustments

Want to lower your water bills and water use at your home? Contact Planta Landscaping and start today!

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