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Health and Safety Methodology


Planta Landscaping is committed to the provision of a safe place of work and a healthy working environment. To achieve this, Planta Landscaping aims to ensure that high standards of Health, Safety and Welfare are maintained. Throughout its sites and places of work we ensure that all employees, and other persons who may be affected by Planta Landscaping activities and operations, work safely with minimum risk to Health, Safety, Environment and Production. 

All employees and sub-contractors will be given an awareness of their responsibilities are and will actively co-operate with management in the implementation of this policy. Planta Landscaping’s practices and procedures will be clearly defined in the Safety Policy, Safety Manual and Safety specifications.


Health and Safety Policies

Planta Landscaping will comply with all appropriate legislation and regulatory requirements pertaining to Health, Safety, Welfare and Environmental Protection to fulfilling  their commitment to the provision of a safe and healthy working environment and will continually strive to eliminate foreseeable risks which could result in personal injury, damage to property or the environment, or occupational illness.

Planta Landscaping’s Methodology in Health and Safety are as follows:

  • Health and Safety Policy is presented.
  •  Prepare plans and toolbox talks in implementing HSE policy
  • Carrying our risk assessments in accordance with specific regulations
  • Providing training for first aid and how to handle safety equipment
  • Strictly follow safety precautions, site safety rules, and obey safety signs
  • Properly use the PPE provided
  •  Periodic monitoring of health and safety performance
  •  Identify mistakes and failures in following HSE policy and raise for corrective performance
  • Performance and appraisal review systems by measuring and rewarding individual performance in health and safety activities.
  •  Dealing with customers in a polite and professional manner and reporting any accidents/ near miss, hazards to superiors immediately.